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Grab Bag Studio is a collective studio and alternative art space in Long Beach, California.

The program draws directly from the local community of artists and curators by offering exhibitions, workshops, performance art, open studios and more. Members rotate to curate diverse projects that are announced through the GBS website and newsletter. Grab Bag Studio encourages experimentation, testing out ideas and developing a community.

The artists at GBS produce work as well as foster a place for promotion and participation in pursuit of a collective well-being less based on shared ideologies or aesthetics but rather through sharing physical space, equipment, organization support and other practical needs of the artist. In this regard, GBS is a community project among and between the artists and the local art community.




Kelly Hamilton - Digital Media

Stephanie Libanati - SNS & Merchandising

Natalie Mik - Exhibition & Performance

Brittany Mojo - Preparator & Education

Shea Vititow – Development




2626 E. 10th St. Long Beach, CA

(562) 548-1424


Open by appointment or chance