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Workshop: Transparency Memory Booklet Workshop with artist Sara Chao

  • Date: February 18th, 11am-2pm
  • Location: Grab Bag Studio (2626 East 10th Street, Long Beach)
  • Email with RSVP to reserve your spot, spaces are limited. $20/person, all materials included. 

In this workshop, create a suite of handmade booklets that mimic the way memories live in the brain: they overlap and bleed into each other, connections forming between the sensory, informational, and personal. 

Workshop participants will learn two classic book forms, the pamphlet and the eight-fold zine. To fill the booklets, artist Sara Chao will lead the group in memory-based collaging exercises, ranging from topics such as "What is home?", to a memorable meal, or a list of favorite things. There will be a show-and-tell segment for participants to share the highlights of their creations, as well as craft a clear vinyl case to carry all these new layered treasures home with them.

Plentiful collage materials will be on hand. Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring personally significant collage materials of their own if they desire. Come ready to reminisce!

Photos by Natalie Mik